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Chain of Events Points to Who Flipped and Who is Being Charged By Mueller

You’ve likely heard by now that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has filed his first criminal charges in Trump’s Russia scandal, but there’s no official confirmation as to who the charges have been filed against.

However, there’s a chain of telling events leading up the breaking news about Mueller’s charges and when you piece it all together, it’s fairly obvious who flipped and who is being charged.

There was one particular witness that has been working with Robert Mueller’s investigation who has gone relatively unnoticed thus far, but he has certainly been the catalyst for the explosive news on Friday night.

Here’s how it all fits together…

NBC News reporter Ken Dilanian reported: “Former CIA Director James Woolsey tells NBC News he has been in contact with FBI, Mueller’s office re alleged scheme by Flynn re Gulen”

Then, national security expert and CNN analyst Juliette Kayyem responded by saying: “Woolsey quit unexpectedly during transition. I have known him for two decades. Love him or hate him, he is not going down alone.”

Here’s why this is significant…

Several months ago, we learned that Trump’s campaign adviser Michael Flynn attended an undisclosed meeting with Turkish government officials. We know know the subject matter of the meeting was a discussion around the possibility of illegal kidnapping and rendition of a guy in Pennsylvania, who would then have been shipped off to Turkey for prosecution.

Bill Palmer explains:

This only became public because Flynn took former CIA Director James Woolsey with him, who by that time was also a Trump campaign adviser. Woolsey was horrified at what he heard, and he tipped off the FBI. He then disappeared from the headlines entirely – until Friday evening.

Just a few hours before the criminal charges were revealed, James Woolsey confirmed to the media that he’s been cooperating with Robert Mueller in regard to the Flynn-Turkey kidnapping meeting. At the time it was anything but clear as to why Woolsey would have chosen to make this reveal. But by the end of the evening, it made a whole lot more sense.

When you piece together the chain of events, it appears James Woolsey flipped and gave Robert Mueller enough useful intel to move forward with criminal charges against Michael Flynn.

It also appears, based on the information given to NBC News, that Woolsey made a decision to publicize this on Friday evening after learning about Mueller’s move to charge someone, which certainly looks to be Michael Flynn.

Of course, it’s entirely possible the charges are against someone else other than Flynn, but one thing is extremely clear; Former CIA Director James Woolsey is a key witness for Robert Mueller and his testimony has exploded the scandal to a level that Trump never thought would actually happen.

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