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CNN Releases Report About Fox News Involving Trump Sex Scandal, Reporter Comes Forward

Last week, in a story that would have likely buried any other American president but is just another day in the administration of popular vote loser Donald Trump, it was revealed that Trump’s legal team has a history of paying off porn stars that Trump has had inappropriate relationships with. Of course, Trump denies it, but the reports show otherwise.

Now, it seems that Fox News had this story before the election, sat on it, and then buried it. CNN is reporting that Fox News reporter Diana Falzone wrote a story in October of 2016 about the alleged relationship between Trump and porn star Stephanie Clifford, known as “Stormy Daniels.”

One of the network’s reporters, Diana Falzone, had filed a story in October 2016 about an alleged sexual relationship between Clifford and Trump, people familiar with the matter said.

Falzone had an on-the-record statement from Clifford’s manager at the time, Gina Rodriguez, confirming that her client had engaged in a sexual relationship with Trump, three of these people said, and Falzone had even seen emails about a settlement.

But the story never saw the light of the day, to the frustration of Falzone, two of the people said.

“She had the story and Fox killed it,” one of the people familiar with the matter told CNN.

Fox News ultimately did not publish the story, and one person familiar with the story told CNN that Falzone “had the story and Fox killed it.”

Editors at Fox News claims that they were “unable to verify all of the facts and publish a story.”  They continued “like many other outlets, we were working to report the story of Stephanie Clifford’s account in October 2016 about then-Presidential candidate Donald Trump and a possible payment by Trump lawyer Michael Cohen. In doing our due diligence, we were unable to verify all of the facts and publish a story.”

That’s odd. Fox News didn’t mind running story after story about President Obama, Hillary Clinton, terrorists – and a long laundry list of other things – without verifying the facts, but when it comes to Trump, they hide behind this excuse.


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