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Congrats, Trump Voters…41% of You Just Took a Massive Pay Cut Under Trump

Donald Trump won his electoral victory on the backs of white working class voters, frustrated with Washington elite and believed a drastic change was need to make their lives better. Now, in a predictable turn of events, it appears their lives are actually going to get much worse.

Occupy Democrats repots, “Tom Bonier, the CEO of the polling firm TargetSmart, tweeted that one of the first of many regulations that Trump and House Republicans will fight to repeal President Obama’s hard-fought rule that ensures time-and-a-half overtime pay for workers making less than $47,000 annually.”

Tom Bonier pointed it out in the following Tweet…



If those millions of Trump voters would’ve actually listened to Trump on the campaign trail, they would’ve heard in his “plans” that this law would be gutted and they’d be screwed by their political savior.

41% of Trump voters make less than $50,000 a year, but you know what, Trumpsters, he’s the president you deserve.

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