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Dem Senator releases document suggesting Brett Kavanaugh lied under oath

Anytime someone is nominated to a position like the Supreme Court, they fall under a microscope and if they have any shady events in their past whatsoever they usually come out.

Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh was no different. Kavanaugh allegedly lied under oath to the Senate in 2006 when he went through the Senate confirmation hearings to become a federal judge, according to Senator Dick Durbin.

Then in 2007, Democratic Senator Dick Durbin realized what had happened and was denied any answers or explanations from Kavanaugh. Durbin is still waiting for answers and is making his allegations known to the public.

Senator Durbin tweeted “In 2007 I sent Brett Kavanaugh this letter asking to explain his inaccurate and misleading testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee. I’m still waiting for an answer.”

If Kavanaugh did lie under oath, that’s perjury. Durbin included his letter which outlined how Kavanaugh lied about his knowledge of the Bush White House’s detention and torture of enemy combatants.

This accusation is a strong one. Someone nominated and confirmed to the Supreme Court Justice lied under oath? That is something that needs to be taken seriously.

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