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Dems About to Hand Document to Mueller, Said to Be “Explosive when it sees the light of day”

Late last year, Donald Trump Jr. testified privately about the Russia scandal to the Senate Judiciary Committee, a testimony that went so badly for him that he’s since refused to talk to Special Counsel Robert Mueller or even mention the scandal publicly. He’s probably been quiet for fear of making it into a bigger mess than he’s already made it.

Fast forward a few months, and now Democratic Senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee – Sheldon Whitehouse and Richard Blumenthal – now want the committee to vote on releasing the transcript of the Donald Trump Jr.’s testimony over to Robert Mueller.

As you’ll recall, Senator Dianne Feinstein created a political earthquake in Washington recently by unilaterally releasing the transcript from Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS. She did this after Republicans refused to release them and refused to hold a vote.

So, what do you think will happen this time around? If the Republicans refuse to vote on the release of the Trump Jr. transcripts to Robert Mueller, it’s absolutely expected that Democrats will release it anyway. So, Mueller is going to get his hands on the testimony transcript one way of another.

“I think all these transcripts should be released — it’s just a question of how and when,” Blumenthal said in a recent interview. “And the Donald Trump Jr. interview transcript will be explosive when it sees the light of day.”

Mueller is pursuing Donald Trump possibly for several counts of obstruction of justice, stemming from his firing of FBI Director Comey, his firing of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, and his attempts at getting  Jeff Sessions to resign. Now, all three of them have given interviews to Mueller willingly.

Now that the Dems are forcing the issue and circumventing their Republican colleagues, Mueller is about to receive a Donald Trump Jr. bombshell too, as soon as his transcripts get released.

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