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Developer responds to Trump’s request to build the wall for him: “The wall is the most idiotic thing I’ve ever seen or heard in my life”

The cornerstone of Trump’s campaign was that he’s going to build a big beautiful wall that Mexico will pay for. Well, not only is Mexico not going to pay for the wall, but it appears that Trump is having a hard time even getting developers to take the job.

Jorge Perez is a Miami real estate tycoon who was asked by Donald Trump to help develop and build the border wall on the US/Mexico border. This was Perez’s response:

“The wall is the most idiotic thing I’ve ever seen or heard in my life. A wall for what? You think a wall is going to stop people that are hungry? Good employment in Mexico, economic growth in Mexico, equality is going to stop people from coming over the border.”

Perez, raised in Colombia to Cuban parents, is a billionaire who has built Trump-branded towers in South Florida. Perez said the president e-mailed him after he took office with plans for the wall and asked if he’d be interested in working on it. In an interview at the offices of his company, Related Group, the developer said he politely declined and later joked with Trump about which side of the wall he would end up on.

He spoke in less subtle terms in a recent interview, which is where he called the wall “idiotic.” Financing the wall with a border tax on imports would mean it will ultimately be passed on to US consumers, and that would risk a trade war with Mexico, Perez explained.

According to the Independent, Perez said he was approached about a potential position as undersecretary of housing and urban development under Ben Carson, but he declined to be considered. He said he’s “dramatically opposed” to parts of Trump’s immigration and trade policies.

Yeah. We are too, Jorge.

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