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Devin Nunes is now under investigation – Numerous allegations surface from Democratic Coalition

Rep. Devin Nunes (R. CA) is currently in the news for some fairly hilarious reasons, but also, is now under investigation for his alleged corruption by the Democratic Coalition.

The California lawmaker is suing a parody Twitter account called Devin Nunes’ Cow for defamation.  Yes, you read that correctly – Nunes is suing a fake Twitter cow. It’s always worth noting that before the news came out, the cow only had a little over 1,000 followers, and now, it has half a million.

But ridiculous lawsuits aside, the Coalition and its founder, Scott Dworkin, are looking into possible massive corruption by Nunes:

Here are the reasons the Democratic Coalition is investigating Nunes:

  • Video of Nunes defending protesters who screamed the N-word at Rep. John Lewis. See Twitter.
  • Video of Nunes complaining about #TheResistance hounding him. See Twitter.
  • Video of Nunes trashing Obamacare, Medicare and Medicaid. See Twitter.
  • We filed an ethics complaint against Nunes for violating his own recusal policy. See Twitter.
  • We put up billboards urging Nunes to hold a town hall on the Russia scandal. See Twitter.
  • We exposed Nunes’ connections to political consultants with Russian connections. See Twitter.
  • Video of Nunes blaming the media for the Russia probe and urging people to fight back. See Twitter.
  • Nunes is a partner in a winery that does business in Russia. See Twitter .

Obstruction of Justice: As chairman of House Intelligence, Nunes launched an investigation into Trump-Russia collusion, only to use his position to defend the administration, claiming that Trump was being unfairly targeted by the Deep State. Shortly thereafter, reports emerged that he was covertly sharing information with the White House, making at least one evening visit to meet with a Trump aide before dramatically revealing his findings to the public.

Witness Tampering: An attorney expressed his outrage with Nunes and demanded to know why he shared his client’s secret testimony with another lawyer, a blatant violation of the Intelligence Committee rules

You can donate to their cause and support this and similar investigations here.

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