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Devin Nunes Just Backed Trump Into a Lose-Lose Situation as Things Backfire, Bigly

Trump has a habit of putting people in positions that end up costing him in the end. Anyone paying attention at all realizes that Trump/Republicans’ use of Devin Nunes to run interference in the Trump-Russia scandal was nothing more than a partisan farce to try to save face in the court of public opinion. As you’ve heard by now, Nunes has created a memo to exonerate Trump, but the entire debacle has really just raised more red flags.

Only a few people have actually seen the memo, but the response has been overwhelming. The Republicans on the House Intel Committee are refusing to vouch for it and Adam Schiff  – the ranking Democrat on the committee – said it was nonsensical hearsay.

Schiff appeared on MSNBC this week to reveal that Nunes hasn’t even read the material that he makes the subject of his memo.

Adam Schiff (D-CA) joined Chris Hayes on MSNBC’s All In to discuss the efforts by Chairman Devin Nunes to distract from the Russia probe, and undermine the FBI and Special Counsel Mueller with his so-called memo.

Nunes is refusing to share the memo with anyone else at this point.  The FBI has requested it so they can vet it for classified information, but Nunes refused. Richard Burr is the Republican Chair of the Senate Intel Committee and he hasn’t even seen it. Now the Department of Justice has been asking Nunes not to release it or share it with anyone else, in what look to be a damage control move.

Bill Palmer points out, “The trouble for Devin Nunes is that because he and a few of his fellow idiots in Congress have openly bragged about the memo and asserted that it exposes the Trump-Russia investigation as a partisan farce, Trump’s base is now demanding that the memo be released. Those demands won’t go away any time soon. But if Nunes releases the idiotic memo, it’ll only serve to make Trump look even more guilty. Nunes has screwed Trump by trying to help him.”

Devin Nunes is clearly not a smart individual and he has a few friends who are also just an inept as he is, and this memo is just another example that proves as much. Trump’s own followers are asking for the memo’s release, but at this point it will do more damage than good. Nunes just helped push Trump further into the corner he’s backed himself into.

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