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Does this new report show a Donald Trump and Bill Barr cover-up?

Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide, dominating the news cycle and leading to a massive amount of conspiracy theories about his death. In the midst of this, more questions regarding Trump’s Department of Justice have started surfacing. William Barr has tried to bury another unrelated-report and it has surfaced at the worst time. He could be genuinely angry about Epstein’s suicide, or it could be because of the timing.

The entire Epstein scandal could not have been worse for Donald Trump. Then the shootings across the country seemed to take the spotlight conveniently after Trump called for action and spewed hate speech at his rallies across the country. While the right has tried to deny any correlation to Trump, the rise in domestic attacks statistics show otherwise. Apparently, there was a report on domestic terrorism that Barr and Trump tried to suppress from back in April that spells it out.

This report showed that the overwhelming majority of domestic terrorism events that happened in the last year were committed by white supremacists. Now Senators Dick Durbin and Cory Booker, who both sit on the Senate Judiciary Committee, had requested this data from the Justice Department but the information was being withheld. Now we know why.

The reports says: “Alleged white supremacists were responsible for all race-based domestic terrorism incidents in 2018, according to a government document distributed earlier this year to state, local and federal law enforcement.

The document, which has not been previously reported on, becomes public as the Trump administration’s Justice Department has been unable or unwilling to provide data to Congress on white supremacist domestic terrorism.

The data in this document, titled “Domestic Terrorism in 2018,” appears to be what Congress has been asking for — and didn’t get.”

Barr is clearly trying to protect the President’s image above all else. Too bad Trump continues to dig himself an even bigger hole, and at this point Barr is only securing his personal downfall with Trump when the time comes. Pretty sure PR does not fall under the job description of anyone in the DOJ.

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