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Donald Trump calls up Nancy Pelosi trying to work out a deal as impeachment drops

Yesterday, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced her formal inquiry into Donald Trump’s impeachment. Just hours before, Trump called Pelosi to offer her a legislative win on gun reform in a last ditch effort to keep this impeachment process from happening. Now, even more details about Trump’s last minute call are coming forward and he was even more desperate than we previously thought.

Ari Melber of MSNBC says Trump specifically asked Pelosi if there was some kind of compromise they could make releasing the whistleblower complaint as a way of heading off the impeachment.

Trump’s efforts to hand the Dems a gun reform win was clearly a way to sway Pelosi and get her to drop the impeachment plans, but Pelosi was not having it.

Trump can publicly declare this no big deal and say that this only helps him in the reelection, but even Trump knows this is bad situation for him. He clearly does not want to see this impeachment process go through, and rightfully so seeing as how this will not end well for him.

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