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Donald Trump is now publicly showing that Robert Mueller is going to crush him in his testimony

At this point, we know Robert Mueller is going to testify in front of the House Judiciary Committee, and Trump can’t stop it. Trump has even realized that there’s no way he can prevent it and he’s taken to Twitter to complain about it. He’s even straight up admitting that the Mueller testimony will most likely bury him.

Robert Mueller’s testimony will have a huge impact in the court of public opinion, at the very least. The redacted version has already been released and shifted Trump’s poll numbers tremendously. Mueller speaking publicly and directly about the investigation will lay it out in an even more direct manner. Even Trump agrees.

Trump has said he is “dreading” Mueller’s testimony and he’s concerned about the “media coverage that would be given to Mueller.” This reality star seems to have a firm grasp on just how powerful the television can be in the court of public opinion.

The House Dems are still working with Mueller to schedule his public testimony. It will happen in the coming weeks. Mueller is a DOJ employee, so if he resigned he would have even more freedom in his testimony. Perhaps once he gets that settled he will schedule the testimony. Trump is going to be watching along with all Americans while his political career comes to a screeching halt.

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