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Donald Trump Jr. admits Michael Cohen was telling the truth about his father – Whoops

Michael Cohen testified before the House Oversight Committee and incriminated Donald Trump and several other members of his team. The Republicans only defense was that Cohen has lied before, so he must be lying again. You would expect that Donald Trump Jr. would want to echo their cry, but instead he went a different way.

During the testimony, Jr. kept posting strange tweets. He seemed more focused on humiliating Cohen over the multi-year prison sentence he’s facing rather than defending his father against the accusations. However, is his deranged state, he made a very big mistake.

Trump Jr. retweeted Garret Graff’s tweet that said: “Incredible to see all the hubris drained from Cohen. I’ve been personally screamed at by Cohen on the phone before and know how much bravado he once had. This is a man with nothing left, with no reason to lie or obfuscate at all. Humbling, in its way.”

So, Trump Jr. just agreed that Cohen has no reason left to lie? The fact that he is even agreeing Cohen is telling the truth shows that we should be paying attention. Cohen has nothing left to hide and nothing to gain from lying, in all actuality it’s more likely he would be afraid to lie again given what he is already facing. Cohen’s testimony should be believed, even Trump Jr. thinks so.

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