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Donald Trump likely just got his wife subpoenaed

Donald Trump is going to make sure he takes down everyone around him on his way to rock bottom, apparently. This time his stupidity could end up causing problems for his wife. Melania Trump will most likely end up subpoenaed to testify after her husband’s latest mistake, and things are getting really messy really quickly.

Trump was giving yet another rambling speech, this time at CPAC when he admitted that he told Melania Trump that he planned to fire FBI Director James Comey for being a “bad, bad guy.” This would be fine if Trump didn’t commit felony obstruction of justice when he fired him. Then he admitted, on national television in an interview with Lester Holt, that he did so to make the Russia investigation go away.

Thanks to this latest misstep, we know that Trump did in fact illegally fire him and Melania can confirm his plan to do so. Melania is not under investigation and she would not have benefited from this firing, so she is not a key player in this greater conspiracy, just a witness.

This admission all but guarantees that Melania will be subpoenaed by the House Democrats. She can try to use spousal privilege, but it’s possible that Trump just destroyed that by discussing this publicly. The courts will have to work out the legality of it, but Trump is once again including his family in his alleged crimes against America.

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