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Donald Trump now caught in yet another “crime”, says investigator

It was revealed earlier this month that Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign manager, is being transferred from a federal prison to Rikers Island Jail to wait for his trial on the state charges. The latest reports reveal that he’s not going to Rikers at all and, of course, there is chatter that Trump is behind it.

Jeffrey Rosen, the new Deputy Attorney General, has intervened and blocked Manafort’s transfer. Instead, he will remain in the cushier federal prison to wait for his trial. The New York Times laid out the details of this latest overstep by Trump’s people. Rosen likely would not have done this without direct instructions from Trump and of course William Barr. So, once again, these mastermind names are right in the middle of another scandal brewing.

We’ve all wondered if Trump would end up pardoning Manafort in hopes of preventing him from throwing Trump completely under the bus. Despite Manafort’s efforts to cut that deal, he couldn’t be honest enough to see it through. Instead, Manafort had the deal thrown out once it was proven he was acting as an informant for Trump’s team regarding the investigation.

Manafort is once again faced with a chance to cut a deal and offer more intel to make it easier on himself and Trump has stepped in to stop that from happening. This is obstruction of justice on another level. Trump just doesn’t seem to know when to leave it alone. We can only hope all of this sneaky underhanded meddling catches up to him.

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