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Donald Trump now has a search warrant problem

The Southern District of New York publicly released a partially redacted copy of the affidavit and search warrant served to Michael Cohen for the raiding of his residence and office. And as you read through them, one thing becomes rather clear: Donald Trump is in even more trouble than imaginable.

It’s bad enough that Robert Mueller had been investigating everyone in Donald Trump’s inner circle a year before the Michael Cohen raid, but the newly released documents show that the first FBI actually began investigating Cohen at least nine months prior to the raid. Additionally, the fact that 19-pages are blacked out only adds more insult to the injury.

How so? Well, more than likely, these 19-pages have been blacked out because they contain pertinent or otherwise sensitive information related to an ongoing SDNY criminal investigation. And in most multi-tier criminal investigations such as this, far more often than not, blacked out pages usually mean one thing: That a much bigger target has been named within them.

If Donald Trump wasn’t already terrified, he should be now.

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