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Donald Trump now telling officials to break the law – Promising a pardon if they get arrested

Last week, when former Homeland Security Director Kirstjen Nielsen was relieved of her post because she simply couldn’t stomach some of the horrible things Donald Trump was pushing her to do — short of detaining immigrant children at the border and keeping them away from their families, of course — many wondered what that could possibly mean, and perhaps more importantly, who would be replacing her.

Well, it appears we’re beginning to get the answers, as Donald Trump has tabbed Border Patrol boss Kevin McAleenan to be his new acting head of Homeland Security. Shortly thereafter, Trump instructed border agents to illegally block asylum seekers from entering the United States. Then, to make matters worse, according to CNN’s Jake Tapper, who has cited multiple senior Trump regime officials, Trump allegedly informed McAleenan that if this move resulted in his arrest, he would pardon him.

Of course, the seriousness of Trump’s alleged comment is uncertain at this time.  Also McAleenan claims the comment was never made.

Regardless, the fact that a pardon is even in the discussion and that it is possibly being used to coerce McAleenan to do something this heinous is cause for concern. If true, it should be considered a crime on Donald Trump’s part, and added to the list of impeachable offenses due to gross abuse of power.

Let’s just hope that the House Democrats realize this and bring impeachment charges against Donald Trump sooner rather than much later. While it’s certainly understood that impeachment is lengthy and slow-moving process, at the going rate, it’s only a matter of time before Trump’s abuse of power worsens and extends far beyond an enticing pardon. If the impeachment process hasn’t already started, the time to act is now.

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