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Donald Trump’s name now listed in a grand jury subpoena

When news broke that the Manhattan District Attorney had been visiting Michael Cohen in prison and a new deal was the hot topic of conversation, it became apparent that the State of New York could be looking to indict Donald Trump or other members of the Trump Organization on state level charges. According to Monday’s breaking news, it appears it is now primed and ready to do just that.

Per NBC News, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office has sent a grand jury subpoena to Donald Trump’s accounting firm requesting eight years of Trump’s tax returns. This is significant news because a grand jury subpoena isn’t your typical congressional subpoena which means the accountant must cooperate or else he will be arrested for contempt. Also, the mention of a grand jury subpoena implies there’s a grand jury in place, and considering a grand jury only exists to indict people on criminal charges, well…I’ll let you fill in the blanks.

Regardless, it should be noted that a number of concerned observers have brought Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance’s name to the forefront, as Vance is commonly known in New York circles for letting powerful people off the hook in exchange for donations to his reelection campaign. However, you can rest assured that won’t be the case in this situation as Vance is allegedly under federal investigation, and will not be involved in the case. Instead, New York Attorney General Tish James will be running the show, and those same observers would have you believe that she won’t be letting Trump off the hook when push comes to shove.

Now, if you’re wondering when the State of New York will be indicting Donald Trump, then you’re not alone. Some will argue that it won’t happen while he remains in office, but the DOJ’s sitting president rule only applies when federal charges are in play. That said, since we’re now talking about state charges, they can indict him any time they choose to do so.

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