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Drunken Republican lawmakers get banned from restaurant

Some high ranking GOP lawmakers in Kansas were recently kicked out of a restaurant in Topeka, Kansas after they, along with the lobbyists they were dining with, were disrespectful to the staff and other diners, according to the Topeka Capital Journal.

According to the article, “the owner of a downtown Topeka restaurant says he banned a group of high-ranking Kansas House Republicans and Statehouse lobbyists for being disrespectful to staff and other patrons while dining at the business.”

“White Linen’s manager and owner describe a boisterous scene that intensified in response to directives to the 12-person crowd to be quiet and the manager’s decision to cut off the flow of alcohol to Rep. Blaine Finch, a Republican from Ottawa and speaker pro tem,” the report said.

Alcohol was flowing, which turned into scuffle between restaurant staff and the lawmakers on Feb. 27.

“They showed up and just started drinking and drinking and drinking,” White Linen restaurant owner Adam VanDonge told the Journal.

According to the report, other people in the group of Republicans included House Speaker Ron Ryckman (R-Olathe), Rep. Susan Concannon (R-Beloit), and lobbyists Dan Murray and Rachelle Colombo.

I wonder how long it would take Donald Trump and his lackeys to condemn these politicians if they were Democrats.

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