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Elijah Cummings drops the hammer and it spells bad news for Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner

With the House Oversight Committee now leading the investigation into the security clear scandals surrounding Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, it’s put Chairman Elijah Cummings at the forefront as the man in charge. Needless to say, the Trump regime realizes this, and as a result, appears to be doing everything within its power to stonewall him. Luckily, Cummings knows what is going on and has the tact to handle it.

Of all the goals in the security clearance investigation, one is to determine what led former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and former White House Counsel Don McGahn to believe both Ivanka and Jared were such great security risks to the United States. Fortunately, Cummings is aware that Kelly and McGahn both wrote memos documenting their own independent concerns, and is actively seeking to obtain them despite White House reluctance to do so.

Regardless, the sheer knowledge of the memos existence may be all that Cummings needs. And if not, maybe he’ll luck out and either Kelly or McGahn will have retained copies of their own. Even if they didn’t, it’s widely reported that both have been cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller in his investigation into the Trump-Russia scandal, so it’s reasonable to assume they’d extend the same courtesy to Congress.

Well, according to CNN, we don’t have to assume that any longer, as it appears Cummings has already had his staff reach out to John Kelly directly on multiple occasions. Naturally, the White House was less than thrilled by this news, and in response, issued a scathing statement on the matter. Nevertheless, there’s no guarantee at the moment that Cummings has actually obtained the memo from Kelly, but reaching out to him is at least a step in the right direction.

So…how much longer before he does the same to McGahn? And who’s to say he hasn’t already? It sounds like Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner could be in a heap of trouble.

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