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Even Trump’s Own Advisors Think He’s Going to Be Impeached

Popular vote loser Donald Trump’s presidency has only a few likely conclusions, the most likely of which are either a) he resigns as impeachment looms or 2) he fights tooth and nail against it but gets impeached either way.

Even some of his own aides and advisors think he’s headed for impeachment.  They are now warning him that he’s on a path toward impeachment, according to a new report from Newsweek. It also appears that some of Trump’s are so desperate to get their warnings across to Trump that they are now leaking it to the media.

Palmer Report points out:

It only takes a simple majority vote for impeachment hearings to begin in the House of Representatives. That would mean that around ten percent of the Republicans in the House would need to join all of the Democrats in the name of getting the hearings underway. From there Donald Trump runs the risk of having his various scandals not only fully exposed, but essentially advertised each day during televised hearings. This could serve to further deplete his historically low support among the public, prompting even more Republicans in Congress to feel compelled to turn against him in order to avoid getting wiped out in the midterms.

No U.S. President has ever been removed through impeachment. Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were each impeached, but ultimately the Senate did not vote to remove them. Impeachment hearings for Richard Nixon were about to begin when he resigned. So if Donald Trump is impeached and removed, he will indeed make history – just not the kind he was hoping for.

History has already been made. Congratulations on being the most corrupt, most divisive, most ignorant and incompetent President in American history, all in 7 months, Trump. Now, let’s add “first to be removed through impeachment” to that list.

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