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Fact Check: Trump boasts about jobs, but new data shows Barack Obama is crushing him

Adding to the long list of things that get under the skin of President Donald Trump, like a petition to rename the New York City street on which Trump Tower sits to Barack Obama Avenue, a current trending hashtag on Twitter is sure to send him into 0ne of his patented temper tantrums.

Jon Cooper doesn’t like Donald Trump, obviously.  He leads an organization whose original mission was to keep Trump from becoming president. A longtime Democrat and supporter of Barack Obama, Cooper launched a Twitter hashtag Sunday morning that claims Obama has outdone Trump, and within 4 hours, the hashtag had nearly 10,000 tweets.  Cooper then asked his followers to make  #ObamaOutdidTrump go viral. It did.

On Sunday morning, Jon Cooper posted an image about job growth to his Twitter page, and said a retweet of it “will hurt Trump’s re-election chances and make him VERY UPSET!” He also posted the hashtag at the end of the tweet, which started a mega-viral trend for the day.

By 7:45 p.m. Sunday evening, the tweet had more than 112,000 tweets, mostly from those who support Obama or oppose Trump.

Those who liked the idea of Obama “outdoing” Trump said things like:

  • “Job growth numbers show, #Trump’s government did worse than Obama’s.”

  • “President Obama was there to serve the American people and improve our country’s governance. Trump is only there to enrich himself at the expense of all of us.”

  • “Obama totally scorched Trump at the White House Press Dinner!”

  • “in every way imaginable when it comes to respecting, including & advocating for WOMEN & GIRLS.”

  • “with his pure humanity

  • “Babies don’t ever like Trump. Look they are trying to get away from the devil”

  • “in taking photos. Seriously, has anyone ever noticed that Obama is incapable of taking a bad photo?”

  • “Respect for American Traditions

  • “By looking healthy and fit”

  • “with his winning two presidential elections without Putin’s help.”

  • “My President, Barack Obama buried Trump with humor, compassion and results.”

  • “Obama’s legacy is set in stone! … Trump’s legacy…his name will be used for a new mental illness that affected him or if he is lucky, there might be a landfill site named after him.”

If President opened Twitter on Sunday to praise a murderous dictator, lie about Democrats or insult the military, he likely saw hundreds of thousands of people posting about how much better Obama was at being President than he is. I’m sure it made his day.

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