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Federal grand jury drops the hammer on Trump’s RNC

It has been several weeks since Special Counsel Robert Mueller wrapped up and walked away from his investigation, but with all eyes quickly turning to the federal prosecutors, the anticipation of what comes next seemingly grows by the day. Fortunately, based on a recent development, at least some of that anticipation can be laid to rest, as it appears the grand jury is now believed to be targeting one of the key moments of the Trump-Russia election conspiracy.

Frankly, we should have seen this coming last year when Mueller was trying to force Roger Stone associate Andrew Miller to testify before a grand jury. However, at the time, Miller refused, fighting him in court every step of the way. Well, luckily, once Mueller turned in his final report, apparently Miller had a change of heart and decided to testify last week.

CNN broke the story, letting it be known that Miller had turned over a number of documents including but not limited to the “written agenda for Stone while he was at the Republican National Convention in 2016.” Essentially, this alone reveals so much as we now understand why Mueller wanted Miller to testify so badly despite Roger Stone having already been indicted on various felony charges. It also sheds light on why the grand jury is so interested in looking at what Stone was up to during the convention.

Clearly, the grand jury believes there was a criminal element to what Stone was doing on behalf of the Donald Trump campaign at the Republican National Convention. That said, more indictments should be expected in the coming months. And something tells me they won’t be limited to Stone or Miller, either.

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