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Fmr. AG explains we now have a reason to impeach Donald Trump

Former Attorney General Eric Holder has weighed in on the alleged impeachable offenses of President* Donald Trump, claiming that there is indeed enough evidence to begin impeachment procedures.

“There’s no question that obstruction of justice does exist in the findings that Bob Mueller reported, and in painstaking detail. And that in and of itself would be the basis for impeachment,” Holder told NBC News:

Holder didn’t come out and say that the House should begin official proceedings, instead saying that lawmakers should hear from Robert Mueller frist, gather evidence, and see the unredacted report before making a “reasoned decision” on whether to pursue impeachment.

When asked if he thought the United States is in a state of constitutional crisis, Holder said, “Not yet” — but “it’s forming up.”

“I’m concerned about the state of this nation and the way in which the Trump administration is reacting to the legitimate request from Congress,” he said. “We could be in a constitutional crisis, but I don’t think we’re there quite yet.”

Many on the left, or the sane side of the right, disagree, claiming there’s absolutely already a constitutional crisis and impeachment proceedings need to begin immediately.

Either way, Trump looks worse and worse by the day, and that in itself is quite an accomplishment for the most unpopular and openly corrupt President in modern history.

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