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For those who believe Barr’s “summary”, Adam Schiff has proof otherwise

Last weekend Trump’s Attorney General announced that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report found no collusion between Trump and Russia. Considering everything else we’ve seen from the investigation up until this point, everyone had questions immediately. Why? Because things are not adding up.

Barr has spent the rest of the week working to hide the actual report and using pieces of it out of context to support his claims. Despite his efforts, it’s looking more and more like this report is Trump’s worst nightmare.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is investigating Trump’s Russia scandal and he has access to more classified intel than most people. He’s been routinely briefed on classified evidence that the public has yet to see. Schiff told the Washington Post “undoubtedly there is collusion.” He’s saying there is collusion, not there might be or he thinks there is.

Schiff isn’t the only one seeing the proof. Most Americans suspect something was going on between Trump and the Russians. CNN released a poll that asked “Do You Think The Report Exonerates Trump of Collusion?” Fifty six percent said “no.” The majority of Americans think Barr is misrepresenting the Mueller report.

Many people are working to get the Mueller report released. The House Democrats are going to subpoena the report and likely Robert Mueller himself. They might even subpoena William Barr. No one who’s actually paying attention believes anything Barr has said to this point, so everyone will be working to get the truth out there in a race to see who can get it done the fastest.

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