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Fox News is Piling on Trump, Expects Him to Be Indicted

Last Friday, things took a rather damaging turn for Donald Trump as the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, along with Special Counsel Mueller, filed Michael Cohen’s sentencing memo which formally accused Donald Trump of committing two felonies. Naturally, this news left most of the major news outlets with no choice but to debate over the weekend whether impeachment is now possible for the president. Surprisingly enough, Fox News and its contributors even got into the mix, claiming an indictment is most likely in his future.

During a a segment on Fox & Friends, Andrew McCarthy told hosts that he expects the SDNY to criminally indict Donald Trump on the two felonies in question, which center around Trump’s directive to have Michael Cohen offer hush money to his mistresses during the election.

However, one thing worth noting from McCarthy’s sound, legal analysis is that he acknowledges that there is a DOJ guideline against indicting a sitting president. But as he later suggests, this guideline is not a binding law by any means, so only time will tell.

Of course, this McCarthy news comes just days after Fox legal analyst Judge Napolitano said he expects Donald Trump Jr to be indicted, and Fox host Tucker Carlson labeled Donald Trump a failure as president.

Regardless of what transpires, this is a big development, folks. Never mind the television ratings, and typical pandering to keep its conservative base all-in on Trump. If Fox executives now believe Trump is on the verge of being criminally exposed, most of its viewers are likely soon to follow.

So…will the SDNY indict him while he’s still in office? Or will it wait until he’s gone, whether that be end of term or impeachment? We’ll see. Stay tuned.

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