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GOP Congress Panics: “This is the beginning of the end”…”When Dems impeach Trump, we can point to this moment”

Trump has gone back and forth on the immigration issue so many times, he doesn’t even appear to know what side he’s on today. His supporters won’t let him give in at all without a massive backlash, but if he sticks to his original position, he stands to gain even more hatred from his non-supporters and those who haven’t decided how they feel about him yet.

Basically, Donald Trump has found himself right in the middle of a lose-lose situation. One House Republican is now admitting that Trump knows he’s about to be ousted.

Stephen Miller – who’s been blasted for his seemingly racist policies and messaging – is running Trump’s immigration policy and he tried to lead the White House conference call about it while Trump was overseas. Miller appears to be softening on the DACA issue for obvious political reasons, but caving on DACA will make it even harder for House Republicans to get reelected, which they clearly understand.

Trump’s new immigration strategy isn’t going to go over well with his own party. After the call one Republican Congressman said “This is the beginning of the end of the GOP majority in the House. In a year when the Democrats impeach Trump, we can point to this moment.”

The plan by White House advisers includes:

  • Pathway to U.S. citizenship for at least 1.8M illegal aliens
  • A nearly 10-year wait before extended-family chain migration is ended
  • A repurposing of the 50,000 visas that currently import foreign nationals through the Visa Lottery
  • $25 billion to fund the construction of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border

Trump is now stuck. If he moves forward with this plan, it’s going to be political suicide for him and Republicans. One thing is certain, Dems are on track to take back Capitol Hill.

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