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GOP Rep Tells Mother: ‘If Your Son Wants Better Healthcare, Get a Better Job’

Republican politicians being out of touch with reality is nothing new.  But, being out of touch and cruel at the same time is a double whammy that is turning citizens all over the country against their GOP reps.

One example of such is Rep. Warren Davidson of Ohio, who responded to a woman concerned by the possibility of her son losing his benefits from the Affordable Care Act would lose health coverage by telling her that he should simply find a better a job.

Of course. Because in Republicanville, it’s that simple.

She further explained that her son had gone without insurance for several years before finally getting insured through because of Obamacare.

“Can you explain why my son and millions of others in his situation are not deserving of affordable, decent health care that has essential benefits so that he can stay healthy and continue working?” she asked.

Davidson responded with “I don’t know anything about your son, but as you described him, his skills are focused in an industry that doesn’t have the kind of options that you want him to have for health care. So, I don’t believe that these taxpayers here are entitled to give that to him. I believe he’s got the opportunity to go earn those health benefits,” followed, unexpectedly, by a chorus of boos from the crowd.

“If he doesn’t want a catastrophic care plan, don’t buy a catastrophic care plan. If you don’t want a flip-phone, don’t buy a flip-phone,” he added.

“I’m sorry, health care is much different than a cell phone and I’m tired of people using cell phone analogies with health care,” the woman frustratingly added.

People are starting to get tired of these ridiculous Republicans and their even more ridiculous talking points.  I hope they keep having these town hall meetings so their voters can see their true colors.

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