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Here’s What Happens When Trumpsters Are Asked About Charles Manson Visiting White House

I suppose if Trump supporters haven’t learned by now that they should avoid talking to a street reporter with a microphone, they probably never will.  And for the sheer sake of entertainment, I hope they never will. For example, look no further than the latest “Lie Witness News” segment on Jimmy Kimmel.

In this particular segment, it is revealed to Trump supporters that, unlike Barack Obama, Trump has decided to keep his White House visitor logs secret.  And naturally, the street reporter decided to have a little fun with this, asking some pretty farfetched, trick questions.  Here are some of the responses:

Q: “Why do you think Donald Trump has decided to meet with Casey Anthony to discuss child endangerment?”

A: “She probably learned from her mistakes, or she’s learned something because she went through it.”


Q: “Do you support President Trump secretly meeting with Charles Manson to help keep America safe by getting inside the mind of a serial killer?”

A: “I think if anyone knows about that, then yeah, you should certainly find people that have a lot of experience in doing things like that. So if you need to have…firsthand knowledge, then maybe that’s somebody who should…have a chance to help out our country and out the president and stuff like that.”

See/hear more for yourself:

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