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Robert Mueller Signals He’s Going After Mike Pence Too

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is closing in on Trump from so many angles it’s hard to keep track.It’s only a matter of time before Trump is removed from office at this rate. The only question is whether or not Mike Pence will go down with him and from the looks of it, he will.

Michael Flynn was the beginning of the end for the current administration. The New York Times is reporting that Robert Mueller is now asking for the White House to turn over documents pertaining to Flynn’s employment as a foreign agent and with the Trump campaign. Mueller is supposedly investigating whether Flynn was getting kickbacks from his time on the Trump campaign, which would be classified as fraud.

Why is this significant for Mike Pence?

Flynn has already admitted to the Trump team that he was a paid foreign agent, but he was still hired for the National Security Adviser position. Mike Pence knew Michael Flynn was a criminal, but claimed his innocence anyways.

Mueller’s investigation into these kickbacks brings up the question, did Pence know about those too? If Pence knew about these crimes then he committed obstruction of justice.

Co-founder of the Democratic Coalition, Scott Dworkin was on MSNBC’s Morning Joy recently and shared his thoughts on Mike Pence taking the fall for hiring ex-General Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor in the first place.

He said, “Pence is a hands on guy, he was leading the transition team himself.” Dworkin also said that he sees the chips falling into place for Pence to take the fall on this one, which makes perfect sense given the fact that the Trump administration is clearly always looking for someone to place to blame on, e.g. blaming Obama for not properly vetting Flynn.

After November 18th, when Flynn was reported to the Department of Justice for failing to register his paid representation of Turkey by the Democratic Coalition AND by the House Oversight Committee, Pence had to have known what was happening.

“Mike Pence would have to be a straight up idiot to not realize that Flynn was going to register as a foreign agent, or the staff would have to be totally incompetent for him not to be aware of the situation,” Dworkin said.

Dworkin wasn’t having any of this and said, “Mr. Flynn should be stripped of his military title, he should also be in jail right now.” Dworkin continued, “anyone who helped cover it up, who helped push him through, they should be just as culpable as well. I guarantee you that there will be a paper trail — an electronic trail — leading back to at least Mike Pence.”

Check out the interview below:

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