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High-Powered Attorneys Make Massive Offer To Electors Who Dump Trump on Monday

There are 538 members of the Electoral College, who convene in less than two weeks to elect the next president of the United States.  After another Republican elector, Chris Suprun of Texas,  just this week boldly announced his refusal to vote Trump, a group of High-Power lawyers have decided to offer pro bono legal assistance to any electors who follow the example of Suprun and others who have made similar declarations.

These lawyers have created a group website, located here, where they state their intentions to represent the electors.

On the website, the Electors Trust pledge to “defend your right to exercise your “independent and nonpartisan judgment.  We will defend you against any fines or legal claims that might threaten the freedom of your vote.   If you are an Elector, we will also allow you to know how many others like you there are. How many, not who. Because we will never reveal any Elector’s views, to anyone, ever.”

There are already efforts underway to try and convince enough electors to keep Trump from the 270 Electoral Votes he needs to be officially elected. Huffington Post explains:

Trump needs 270 electors to support him when they gather in state capitals around the country later this month. He won enough states to give him the support of 306, so anti-Trump forces need to persuade 36 more electors. That effort is underway, with Ohio Gov. John Kasich being named as a potential alternative. Trump annihilated Kasich in the Republican primary.

Aside from the overwhelming satisfaction some of us would feel if Trump were to “lose” to someone he crushed in the primaries, making him “loser Donald Trump” pretty much for the rest of his life, it’s just the right thing for the electors to do.  This man is completely unqualified and disqualified to be elected President of the United States, and keeping a man like that out of office is the very thing for which the Electoral College was created.

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