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Hillary Steals MASSIVE Endorsement Away From Trump…He Never Saw it Coming!

“She (Hillary) has the expertise and commitment to American values to grow the economy, create jobs and protect America at home and abroad.”

Those are not the words of a Clinton spokesperson or a Democrat politician throwing support to Hillary Clinton. No, those are the words of Lezlee Westine, a White House Aide to President George W. Bush.  Westine just joined an ever-growing chorus of Republican voices supporting the Democratic presidential candidate.

In the last few weeks, Frank Lavin, a player in the Reagan administration, former CIA Director Michael Morell as well as former aides and employees of Chris Christie and Jeb Bush have all thrown their support to the Clinton Campaign.

Washington Post published a LONG list of Republicans who support Hillary Clinton

In case you didn’t read that list, I’ll help you out and count them for you. 31. Yes, 31 Republicans, from congress, GOP political offices, the business world, big time GOP donors, journalists and other areas and that’s JUST ONE SMALL LIST!

It’s becoming clearer all the time that the GOP is finally drawing a line in the sand to distinguish between real Republicans and Trump supporters.

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