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Hope Hicks has now found herself right in the middle of Trump’s historic scandal, lawyers panic and issue denial

The Feds at the SDNY just announced that they are not going to seek additional criminal charges in the investigation into Michael Cohen’s illegal payoff to Stormy Daniels. Legal experts have already pointed out that the SDNY wants to wait until Trump is out of office so they can charge everyone involved in the scandal at once. This also led to the judge forcing the entire investigation to be made public and that is a huge deal.

The documents were unsealed early last week and they prove that all the major players like “Individual 1,” aka Donald Trump, played exactly the parts we’ve known about all along. Individual 1 told Michael Cohen to pay off Stormy Daniels. Trump was the mastermind behind the entire criminal plot to keep Daniels from speaking out during the election. This is a felony campaign violation. Cohen is sitting in prison for that very crime.

These court documents also reveal that Hope Hicks was involved in the conspiracy to make the payoff happen. She has yet to be indicted or arrested, but it could be William Barr is standing in the way of that. It’s also possible the SDNY is holding off until Trump is out of the White House.

Naturally, Hicks’ lawyer says “Reports claiming that Ms. Hicks was involved in conversations about ‘hush money’ payments on October 8, 2016, or knew that payments were being discussed, are simply wrong,” …”Ms. Hicks stands by her truthful testimony that she first became aware of this issue in early November 2016, as the result of press inquiries, and she will be responding formally to Chairman Nadler’s letter as requested.”

The lack of criminal charges is not any indication of how bad this is for Trump. If anything, it just keeps getting worse for him. Trump’s world is crumbling even more and we can feel the pressure building even now. Mueller’s testimony this week could force the hand of Congress and Trump could be leaving the White House sooner than expected. If that does play out, it will be interesting to see what the SDNY does.

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