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How Bob Mueller just tied Corey Lewandowski to possible felony perjury

Much to the surprise of no one, the early portion of Corey Lewandowski’s testimony before the House Judiciary Committee proved to be nothing more than an uncooperative joke. Whether it was his refusal to answer the most basic of questions, or his unwavering loyalty to Donald Trump, the whole thing began taking the shape of a pointless charade. However, as the testimony drew near to the end, things took a rather interesting turn.

Late in the testimony, when Democratic Congressman Lou Berrea asked about the Russians contacting anyone in the Trump campaign, Lewandowski said that he knew nothing about it. However, as the Mueller report points out, George Papadopoulos sent an email to Lewandowski about his meeting with a Russian intermediary. In other words, Lewandowski flat out lied and as a result could face a perjury indictment.

This is bad news for Lewandowski considering he was already linked with numerous others for criminally conspiring with Donald Trump to commit felony obstruction of justice. You see, while Mueller elected not to charge Lewandowski or any of the others with obstruction due to difficulty to prove in court, this blunder suddenly changes things for Lewandowski because felony perjury is not nearly as difficult.

That said, if Lewandowski is lucky, he’ll receive a pardon from Donald Trump because of his loyalty. However, if he has been paying any attention at all and is smart, he’ll realize the odds of a pardon probably aren’t in his favor considering Trump has consistently allowed his most loyal underlings to face trial and serve time in prison. He’ll be much better off taking a plea deal against Trump and sell him out.


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