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Howard Dean: Evidence Shows “Trump May Have Won with Falsified Votes”

Based on evidence, a major Democratic Party figure believes vote totals in some of the more surprising swing states that Donald Trump won may have been falsified by Russian hackers.

It started when Time Magazine published evidence that Russian hackers altered voter data. A key quote from the article suggests that “Congressional investigators are probing whether any of this stolen private information made its way to the Trump campaign.”

This led former Vermont Governor and former DNC Chair Howard Dean to chime in with an assessment of his own:

With this news, we’ve essentially gone from a Trump-Russia investigation centered around Russian hackers, the role they may have played in accessing voter data, and their tact in using that data (illegally) to aid the Trump campaign efforts, to now something far worse…because the Russian hackers may have actually changed people’s information.

Considering the results in most swing states, which ranged from highly unlikely to practically impossible going in, this news makes sense. After all, the odds of Trump winning every swing state he needed, especially considering where he stood in the overall popular vote, were slim to none.  Yet those odds suspiciously turned in his favor the night of the election, when he won every one of those swing states by the one percent of the vote needed in order to avoid an automatic recount. Hmmm.

Can you imagine if this new evidence proves to be true, and that Russian hackers actually changed people’s votes, tipping the election in Trump’s favor?

The evidence is mounting, folks. It’s just a matter of if our elected leaders care enough to investigate to learn the truth.

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