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Hundreds of children now ripped from their parents – “This is not America. This is not who we are”

Donald Trump and his presidential administration, if you can call it that with a straight face, have made it fairly clear that they have no problem whatsoever with separating families, including those with small children.

Especially if their skin is brown.

Last week, ICE agents in Mississippi raided factories and arrested nearly 700 immigrant workers, leaving their crying children behind, uncertain if they’ll reunite.

Click here to watch the video. If you can stomach it.

As Scott Dworkin points out: “THIS IS NOT AMERICA. THIS IS NOT WHO WE ARE. These are children of the 680 people arrested today by ICE in Mississippi. They are crying, because their parents are gone. And they were left by themselves. Don’t look away. Make this viral now. Shame on Trump”

It’s your move, Conservatives.  That the defense is “well they broke the law” makes it very clear they’re not even pretending that “compassionate conservative” is a thing anymore.

With the Trump administration, the cruelty knows no end.

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