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If you thought the indictments were over, think again – Evidence strongly suggests they’re coming

Thanks to court proceedings last week, it was revealed that even though Special Counsel Robert Mueller has wrapped up and submitted his final report, and essentially bowed out, his grand jury is “continuing robustly” without him. In addition to that, a federal prosecutor has allegedly stepped in and taken over his longtime attempt at subpoenaing financial records from an unnamed foreign government-owned organization.

Well, as it turns out, a second prosecutor  by the name Jonathan Kravis has also stepped in and will be taking over the effort to force Andrew Miller to testify about Roger Stone.

Yes, apparently, when Robert Mueller was investigating Roger Stone for his various alleged crimes, there was an ongoing court battle taking place in order compel Stone’s associate Andrew Miller to testify before the grand jury. Although, Stone was indicted on several counts, none of them were related to his relationship with Miller. However, the fact that the effort to force Miller to testify never let up, this tells us that Mueller was looking to bring additional charges and indictments against Stone, and perhaps for good reason.

Now, whether or not Miller testifies and any subsequent charges and indictments are raised is difficult to predict at this time, but when you pair the remote possibility along with the ongoing subpoena battle with the mysterious foreign company’s financial records, the odds of additional charges and indictments certainly appear to be increasing. Wouldn’t you agree?

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