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Informant for the Feds becomes a problem for Trump, it’s his business partner

It has now been discovered that a former associate and business partner of Donald Trump has been an FBI informant for many years, making the trajectory of Robert Mueller’s Russia scandal investigation that much more interesting.

In a BuzzFeed report, it has now been revealed that Felix Sater has been an FBI informant for the United States for many years. The report verified the surprising scope of Sater’s undercover work and many of his specific exploits.

Sater was an asset for the CIA and the Defense Intelligence Agency (or DIA) and helped tracked Osama bin Laden. He then went on to work for FBI for more than 10 years, providing useful intel. Sater still operates as a source for the FBI, according to two current FBI agents.

Buzz Feed News goes on to report, “He did some of this work to fend off prison time after he admitted guilt in a stock scam — but he had started helping the US government before then, and he continued to report back to the FBI after the agreement ended. Today, as he is being questioned about Trump’s business deals and ties to Russia, he has built relationships with at least six members of special counsel Robert Mueller’s team, some going back more than 10 years.”

This Twitter thread from Seth Abramson lays out the evidence that that Sater has almost certainly talked to Mueller and just may have delivered the goods on Trump:

2/ In case the import of this isn’t clear, it means that Trump co-conspirator Felix Sater is the FBI’s man, and *was* the FBI’s man the entire time he was conspiring with Trump. That doesn’t mean it was a sting operation, it just means that Sater is definitely Mueller’s man now.

3/ Process this: two active FBI agents just burned Felix Sater as a source. Not an FBI consultant, but a “source.”

4/ In light of today’s Buzzfeed scoop on Felix Sater, I suggest that readers take a look at the thread on Sater I wrote two and a half months ago, which forecast what happened today: FBI agents burning Sater as a source. This thread will stun many readers.

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