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Insider gets word to media outlet about Trump’s impeachment development “this week”

Last week the House Judiciary Committee filed to open an impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump. The momentum for impeachment continued to pick up throughout the weekend as multiple House Democrats came out in support of impeachment. Now there’s insider reports that major developments could be coming as early as this week.

MSNBC host Joy Reid tweeted “Per a source: keep an eye on House Dems this week. Impeachment support is only getting stronger.”

While she didn’t elaborate, she has to be talking about more than just the accelerating number of House Dems calling for impeachment since she mentioned a source and that information has already been made very public.

The House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler met with Speaker Nancy Pelosi last week and urged her to start impeachment proceedings. She claimed that it was too “premature”, but Nadler used a court filing to push the House into opening an impeachment inquiry.

Pelosi has clearly stated she’s going to wait until House Dems have won the necessary court battles over impeachment evidence and testimony before making impeachment proceedings official. The House Dems are gaining more support with each passing day and if this insider source is on to something, things may be happening sooner than we thought.

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