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Insider Reveals Trump’s “completely lost his mind”, What He’s Telling The Public Isn’t What It Seems

On the surface, it seems like popular vote loser Donald Trump is about to do something right, like stand up to the NRA.  After a strange, surreal meeting on the issue, Republican lawmakers were left confused and angry, while their Democratic colleagues saw a glimmer of hope on the issue for the first time in a long time.

CNN reports, And unlike earlier meetings where Trump has embraced bipartisanship without any specificity, Trump was explicit about what he wanted Wednesday. On camera, he’d pushed to raise the age at which an individual can purchase a rifle from 18 to 21 even after a weekend lunch with officials from the National Rifle Association, who have publicly opposed the change. Trump called to expand background checks and told the House’s Majority Whip Steve Scalise that a concealed carry bill would never pass attached to legislation to incentivize states to enter data into the national background checks database.

Sounds like Trump is at least willing to take some gun control measures, right?

Well, according to Scott Dworkin, founder of the Democratic Coalition Against Trump, claims that inside sources suggest that it’s all just a smokescreen and that Trump is privately reassuring the NRA he’s still on their side

“A GOP lobbyist told me this morning Trump’s only publicly acting like he’s taking on the NRA. Privately, he’s reassuring them he’s on their side. No one – including Ivanka – has any clue what he’s going to do or say next. He’s “completely lost his mind” & we should “expect anything.” ”

So, is Trump coming to his senses and ready to take on Republicans and the NRA? Is he secretly reassuring the NRA? Is it all just totally random and our country is being run by an erratic man with no real plan or agenda for anything? My bet is on the latter.

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