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Investigator says Trumps in jeopardy of “federal criminal charges”

It’s hard to tell where the most corruption lies in the world of Donald Trump, between his businesses, his presidential campaign or his presidential administration.

The latest news suggests that his campaign and his business were working together to hold that distinction.

That’s right. Trump basically paid Trump for legal advice.  It’s the kind of blatant and obvious corruption that only Donald Trump could get away with, because clearly the world has given up on caring if this man is allowed to be a criminal in plain, public sight.

The Trump Campaign filed reports with the Federal Election Commission showing that The Trump Corporation repeatedly engaged in the illegal practice of law in 2017 and 2018. It is a crime under N.Y. Jud. L. § 495 for a corporation to engage in the practice law and for officers, trustees, agents and employees of a corporation to directly or indirectly assist it to practice law. Trump is the owner of The Trump Corporation, Don, Jr. is one of two Trustees and Eric is the CEO. By allowing his campaign to pay The Trump Corporation $178,300 in 11 payments for legal consulting, Trump could face charges for assisting the corporation in the illegal practice of law. Eric and Don, Jr. could also be charged with assisting in the crimes by allowing the corporation to engage in the illegal practice of law. The Trumps are facing up to a year in jail for each violation if they are charged and convicted.

Check out the entire report here

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