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It Took Jerry Springer Just Two Lines To Perfectly Describe Trump To America After The Debate

Going into Monday’s debate, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were very close in most polling data.  After last night’s thrashing of Trump by Clinton, there might soon be more of gap between the two.

After the debate, commentators from the world’s of journalism, entertainment, sports, politics and everywhere in between took to social media to weigh in on the seemingly overwhelming triumph scored by Clinton in the debate.

Our favorite of those responses may be this one from the host of one of the trashiest shows in TV history, none other than Jerry Springer himself:

There it is!  Donald Trump belongs on a show that regularly features trailer-trash girls fighting over the dumbest looking meth-head moron man they could find.

Donald Trump is nothing more than the political equivalent of one of Jerry Springer’s trashy guests.  Springer is something of an expert on losers, trash and unsavory characters.  Perhaps we should listen to his opinion that Trump doesn’t belong in the White House.

H/T Occupy Democrats

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