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It’s Time to Demand From Steve Wynn/RNC What The GOP Demanded From Weinstein/DNC

When the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke, and the movie mogul was accused of widespread, rampant sexual misconduct, Republicans called for the DNC to return Weinstein’s donations.

Now that finance chair of the RNC, casino owner Steve Wynn, has also been accused of similar misconduct, the big question is “will Republicans also call for his donations to be returned.”

I think we all know the big answer is a big, fat “hell no.”  A “yes” here would require some sense of ethical/moral standards and consistency, neither of which are strong suites for Republicans.

Nita Chaudhary, co-founder of UltraViolet, a women’s advocacy organization, called on the RNC to end its relationship with Wynn:

Steve Wynn needs to go. He is a predator of the worst kind who used his position of power to sexually coerce his female employees. It is sadly no surprise that he keeps company with people like Donald Trump — a man who follows the same playbook of sexual abuse.

The Republican National Committee, where Wynn serves as finance chair, must also immediately cut ties with Wynn.

Steve Wynn may or may not apologize for any wrongdoing, but some folks in the media think he’ll face no real consequences for the allegations, at least from the Republican Party.

“The RNC will feel no embarrassment about having Steve Wynn as their finance chair because there’s no *hypocrisy* involved when prominent Republicans are sexual harassers,” Vox co-founder Matthew Yglesias tweeted Friday.

As the Washngton Post points out, in the age of Trump, who openly bragged about grabbing women’s genitals, sexual assault allegations are no longer a dealbreaker to Republicans….well, unless it’s a Democrat who does it.

Republicans have no problem trying to hold Democrats to standards that they themselves won’t adhere to. Also, look for Trump tweets attacking some Democrat, but refusing to acknowledge the rot in his own party.

They just can’t stop the utter hypocrisy.

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