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Ivanka Says “Women Deserve Equal Pay”, So Let’s Look at White House Salaries For Men/Women

It’s easy to talk about the conservative “war on women,” say they don’t respect women and try to control women with things like the “Trumpcare” healthcare bill. It seems so obvious that Republicans don’t value the lives of women the way they do a man’s life.  It becomes even easier when it’s coming from the top down.

President Trump clearly has issues with respecting women, as he’s been accused of sexual harassment more times that anyone can count, calls women horrible names, and constantly remarks on their appearance in inappropriate ways.

Now you can add “pays them far less than men” to the list, as new reports show that under Trump, the gender pay gap in the White House has tripled what it was under Obama.

The Washington Post reports:

The median female White House employee is drawing a salary of $72,650 in 2017, compared to the median male salary of $115,000. “The typical female staffer in Trump’s White House earns 63.2 cents per $1 earned by a typical male staffer,” Perry writes.

The 37 percent gender pay gap in President Trump’s White House is more than double the 17 percent gender pay gap nationally. According to the Pew Research center, the Trump White House gender gap is wider than the national gender pay gap stood in 1980.

Other news outlets have reported smaller Trump White House pay gaps. But those outlets calculated the pay gap using average, rather than median salaries. Averages are often skewed by outliers at the high and low ends of the income spectrum, making them less reliable for understanding what a “typical” worker makes.

“To be as statistically accurate as possible, almost all reports on pay differences by gender compare median wages, income, or salaries and not differences in average (mean) pay,” Perry writes.

The current Trump pay gap is considerably higher than the pay gap observed in any White House going back to 2003, according to an earlier Wonkblog analysis.

So much for all that “Women deserve equal pay” talk from Ivanka Trump.

This kind of difference between Trump and his White House predecessor only further illustrates the difference in their respect for anyone other than themselves.  Obama was a champion of human rights, women’s rights – and proved it by his policies and his hiring and paying women fairly.  Trump cares about Trump and sees women as subservient objects.

One is a real man. The other is Donald Trump.

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