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James Comey has just created yet another problem for Trump – hands over evidence

According to the latest breaking news, the FBI has been ordered to hand copies of James Comey’s memos about President Donald Trump over to U.S. District Judge James Boasberg so that he can review them and determine whether or not to release the records to the public.

This order, of course, comes in response to a Freedom of Information Act case brought by CNN, USA Today, the conservative Judicial Watch group and others.

Back in January, CNN stated in filings that it believed the public should have access to the memos because both the former FBI director and the president that fired him have accused each other “of grave breaches of the public trust.” The memos, CNN said in its filings, would include “contemporaneous records of disputed conversations.”

Although the judge would not specify when he will make his decision, he ordered the FBI to hand over both “clean” and redacted versions of Comey’s memos by no later than April 1.

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