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Jared Kushner Now Under Fire By Robert Mueller, May Have Orchestrated Russian Attacks on Hillary

It’s surprising in this current news cycle that there hasn’t been much talk about Jared Kushner, who was also present at Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya during the 2016 Presidential Campaign.  Nearly all the focus has been on Donald Trump Jr., but Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and one of his top aides, is pretty deep into the mess as well.

This could be because it’s entirely possibly, likely even, that Kushner is the one who leaked the information. It’s also possible, as GQ suggests, that it’s hard to focus on anything or anyone else when Donald Jr.’s idiocy is so staggering and massive.

More from GQ:
Regardless of the cause, Kushner’s time out of the spotlight appears to be coming to an end. According to McClatchy DC, investigators are turning their attention to the Trump campaign’s digital operation, which was led by Kushner, and some suspect that he may have coordinated with Russia to help unleash the campaign of fake news targeted at swing states.

Russia’s operation used computer commands knowns as “bots” to collect and dramatically heighten the reach of negative or fabricated news about Clinton, including a story in the final days of the campaign accusing her of running a pedophile ring at a Washington pizzeria.

One source familiar with Justice’s criminal probe said investigators doubt Russian operatives controlling the so-called robotic cyber commands that fetched and distributed fake news stories could have independently “known where to specifically target … to which high-impact states and districts in those states.”

Keep in mind, the Russian attacks were extremely targeted , down to precinct level, which begs the question; how did the Russians know which precincts to attack without some help?

Now, could there be other explanations? Sure. Of course. But in light of the fact that we now know that the Trump campaign was certainly open to working with the Russian government, it doesn’t seem so crazy that it would apply here as well. After all, Kushner conveniently didn’t disclose multiple meetings with Russian officials on his security-clearance form. But maybe that’s just another coincidence.

Kushner can keep stabbing his White House co-workers (and also, strangely, his family) in their backs, but he’s not going to be safe from Robert Mueller’s dream team of prosecutors when this all hits the fans.

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