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Jeff Sessions is Hiding Something Big, No Doubt About It

Over the weekend Attorney General Jeff Sessions abruptly canceled his scheduled public testimony before the House and Senate appropriations committees. In a letter from Sessions, he said he would send his deputy Rod Rosenstein on Tuesday in his place.

Now, here’s where the dodgy actions and what can only be described as trying to cover up the Russian scandal comes into play. Jeff Sessions indicated in his letter that he expected questions about the “issues related to the investigation into Russian interference with the 2016 election.” He’s right to think that after Comey’s testimony which raised some serious questions about Sessions’s role in the relationship with Russia.

When Comey was asked why the FBI didn’t share information with Sessions he responded:
“Our judgment, as I recall, is that he was very close to and inevitably going to recuse himself for a variety of reasons. We also were aware of facts that I can’t discuss in an opening setting that would make his continued engagement in a Russia-related investigation problematic. So we were convinced — in fact, I think we’d already heard the career people were recommending that he recuse himself, that he was not going to be in contact with Russia-related matters much longer. That turned out to be the case.”

When asked about Session’s involvement after his recusal, Comey said he didn’t really have an answer, but he later told the Senate Intelligence Committee that Sessions was involved in a third meeting with Russian officials during the campaign, despite only admitting to two.

Sessions will only appear before the Senate Intelligence Committee behind closed doors, apparently. Here is the letter Sessions released:

People like Senator Pat Leahy did not take this information lightly.

His private appearance will be at the same time he was scheduled to testify publicly, proving there was no conflict. This is yet another way to try and hide intelligence from the public and protect the president and his administration.

Why be so secretive if there’s nothing to hide? How long will Washington help them cover their tracks?

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