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Julian Assange Now Asking Trump To Return The Favor, It All Makes Sense Now

Julian Assange, famous for avoiding prosecution in the US by his cowardly hiding out in other countries since the 2011 Wikileaks dump of top secret information, is now confirming what we’ve known all along: Wikileaks played an active role in sabotaging the Hillary Clinton campaign and helping Donald Trump win the White House.

Now, while most will say that Julian is not actually asking for compensation from Trump by way of a full pardoning under the Trump administration, it’s not hard to read between the lines here and see that’s exactly what is happening. It certainly appears that Julian Assange is leveraging the fact that he had a hand in getting Trump elected as grounds for a pardoning.

Winning Democrats explains:

While in Ecuador, Assange continued to released information through WikiLeaks, including but not limited to the DNC hack. Perhaps because Assange seems to think of Clinton as a personal enemy for her perceived involvement in prosecution against him, WikiLeaks began to publish information stoking the flames of anti-Clinton conspiracy theories, including an email Clinton received about a drug used to treat Parkinson’s in an attempt to paint Clinton as too ill for the presidency, despite the fact that there is no evidence Clinton requested the information. Assange continued to make assertions throughout the elections that he was on the verge of releasing more damning evidence against Clinton, though such evidence never came to fruition.

Though Assange’s influence in the election appears to be negligible, it was clear enough that he was attempting to influence it in Trump’s favor, to the point where Ecuador took away his internet access for fear of souring relations with the United States by allowing Assange to influence the election. In light of his anti-Clinton sentiment and despite the fact that he once likened Trump to cholera, Assange is now appealing to Trump to pardon him — the fact that he is currently under investigation and hasn’t actually been convicted of anything notwithstanding.

This story just confirms that the 2016 presidential election was rigged, as Donald Trump asserted many, many times. It just turns out it was rigged the other way.

Between this Wikileaks involvement, a major assist from Russia, voter suppression by the GOP, and the director of the FBI allowing his agenda to illegally and unethically influence an election, it’s pretty clear how the election was rigged, in favor of the Donald J. Trump for President campaign.

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