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Lawyer Laurence Tribe Explains: “Trump’s Goose is Cooked” with Russia Scandal

Robert Mueller has time after time been just ahead of Trump during his investigation. Now we are hearing that Mueller is moving to cut off any remaining exits for Trump. This is such a blatant move that Professor Laurence Tribe and other legal experts are saying this is the end for President Trump.

Politico is reporting that Mueller has been partnering with New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to issue state level charges against Paul Manafort as well as some other Trump advisors.

Trump might have the power to pardon his fellow criminals on federal level crimes, but his hands are tied with these on the state level. He can’t promise pardon to someone for taking the fall, meaning they will have no reason to not flip on him if given the opportunity.

Laurence Tribe, a Harvard Professor, is the nation’s Constitutional law expert tweeted, “What’s Russian for ‘Trump’s goose is cooked?’”

Clearly Tribe knows what this means for Trump and his team.

Benjamin Wittes is also known in some circles as former FBI Director James Comey’s friend who spoke out to the media. He is also a Senior Fellow at Brookings and the Editor in Chief of Lawfare. He responded by tweeting a picture of a cannon going off and the word “Boom!” So the best and smartest legal experts in the country know that Mueller just made his move and Trump has nowhere to go.

It’s becoming more and more evident by the day that Trump’s house of cards is crashing and burning.

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