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Lindsey Graham now under investigation, Investigator calls for resignation

Over the last few days, #LindseyGrahamResign has been trending on Twitter. And in a big way.  Mostly, the calls for the Senator (R. SC) to resign stem from his blatant obstruction of justice and witness tampering in encouraging Donald Trump Jr. to either ignore or plead the 5th relating to a congressional subpoena.  Additional calls for Graham’s resignation are stemming from his disturbing call to increase the time immigrant children are detained at the border from 20 days to 100 days.

If those two issues alone shouldn’t be enough to oust Graham from the Senate, this may be a good time to remind the public about his deep ties to Russia, which may explain his enabling and protection of Trump and his associates in the Mueller Russia probe:

Here are the highlights:

There is ample evidence that Lindsey Graham is a deeply compromised individual. His unflinching support of Donald Trump is enough to disgrace any politician, but his obstruction of justice, witness tampering, proposing a bill to detain children longer, and all of the above corrupt ties to Russia should convince anyone that the man is long past the moment of resignation.

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