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Lindsey Graham suddenly acts strange in protecting Trump – Does Trump have something on him?

Last Thursday, when the credibility of the latest rape allegation against Donald Trump came into question, Senator Lindsey Graham provided a rather frank answer. Simply put, Graham doesn’t care whether there’s any credibility because Trump says it didn’t happen, and that’s good enough for him.

Interestingly enough, that’s not the only premature and dumb comment Graham made on Thursday. That’s right. Later in the night, he posted a rather interesting tweet regarding a potential third term for Donald Trump:

“After tonight’s …….that whole Trump 3rd term thing is looking better and better,” he wrote.

Then on Friday, he took it a step further, when he tweeted about a potential fourth term for Trump:

“Two nights in this is becoming ’s election to lose. Democrats are on the path to making Trump look like George Washington. The more they talk, the better he looks. ,” he wrote.

On some level, I’m certain Graham was joking about those third and fourth terms, but considering his lunacy and staunch support of Trump, you can’t help but wonder how serious he may have been. And beyond those comments, it’s equally reasonable to wonder just how far Graham is willing to go in order to remain in Trump’s favor.

Regardless — and perhaps more importantly — why on earth is the senator so worried about remaining there? Does Trump have something on him? That seems to be the most logical explanation, but if so, what? Could it have something to do with his personal email which he admitted was hacked while running for president in 2016?

Needless to say, only time will tell, but whatever it is that Graham is worried about and/or hiding, he’s probably better off confessing before Trump throws him under the bus. If there’s anything we know, the latter will eventually and inevitably happen.

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